5 Signs You Might Have a Roof Leak

It’s important to discover a roof leak sooner rather than later. After all, even a small amount of water in the wrong place can do a great deal of damage, and the longer the situation persists, the more damage your commercial or residential property is likely to suffer. While some roof leaks are obvious, small ones can be more difficult to spot. How can you protect your property? Watch out for these five common signs of a roof leak.

1. Unexpected Sunlight
Sunlight should filter into your building through windows, doors and skylights; it should not be visible through a solid surface like your roof. If sunlight is peeking through your roof in unexpected places, there’s a good chance that water will be following the same path the next time it rains.

2. Water Stains on the Ceilings
A water stain on the ceiling or wall is a definite red flag. Granted, a leak in the roof isn’t the only thing that can cause this; other potential culprits include plumbing troubles and leaky windows. However, if a water stain appears, gets bigger or darkens after a rain, a leaking roof is likely to blame. Don’t assume that the leak is directly above the water stain. Water often travels along beams, panels or plumbing before dripping down. To identify the source of the leak, call in an experienced roofing contractor for a roof inspection.

3. Mold on the Roof
Have you notice black stains on your roof? There might be mold or algae growing on the shingles. Roof mold is generally found in places where a combination of warm temperatures and high humidity is the norm.  Sometimes, this growth is ugly, but it doesn’t harm your roof. Unfortunately, it can indicate that there is a moisture problem present, so if mold is thriving on your roof, you should consider scheduling a roof inspection to find its source.

4. Missing Roof Shingles
Missing roof shingles can be the result of a nasty storm or a furry critter scrambling across your roof. Whatever the cause, this damage can compromise your roof and set the stage for leaks. When using roof shingles, each layer is not necessarily that thick, but the combination of all the layers is the key to a solid roof against the elements.  If any of your roof shingles are missing, your level of protection deteriorates.   To protect your property, contact a roofing professional and arrange for a roof repair as soon as possible.

5. Curled Roof Shingles
Roof shingles are meant to stretch across the roof in flat, orderly rows. If you notice that they look ruffled or wavy, it is likely that you have a problem. As shingles near the end of their lifespan, their corners will often curl up. This allows wind-driven rain to seep beneath the shingles and penetrate your property’s building envelope. In this situation, it’s smart to contact a roofing contractor and ask about roof replacement.

If you’re concerned about a roof leak at your home or business, don’t hesitate. Contact Mid Florida roofing and request a roof inspection today by calling 407-830-8554 or filling out our online contact form. A full-service residential roofing and commercial roofing contractor, we’re committed to providing our customers with superior workmanship and award-winning service for competitive prices.

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