Beware of Cheap Roofing Contractors

Most people love to save a dollar or two, but going with a roofing contractor simply because they offer the lowest estimate can be an expensive mistake. Whether you need a new roof for your home or for your commercial property, there are many reasons why you should proceed with caution when dealing with cheap roofing contractors.

Quality Roofing Materials

A roof is meant to last a long time, and it plays an important role in both maintaining a building’s structural integrity and protecting its contents. Quality is crucial. A substandard roof will need to be replaced sooner than a high-quality one, and it also leaves your home more vulnerable to costly water damage.

The value of a quality roof is easy to understand, but how do you know what one should cost if you aren’t a roofing expert? Seeking out multiple estimates gives you a fair idea of what your new roof should cost. Some price variance is normal, but if one estimate is substantially lower than the others, that’s a major red flag.

Roofing Contractor Experience

What’s wrong with a low roofing estimate? An unusually low estimate may mean that the contractor is inexperienced or an inept businessman. Do you want to hire someone who may not have the skills or equipment needed to install your roof properly? Can you trust a warranty from a company that might not be able to keep its doors open?

A bargain-basement bid could also be a sign that the contractor has plans to use cheap roofing materials or unskilled laborers. Subpar materials and poor workmanship might keep your initial cost low, but they’re a poor value because they simply won’t last. If you find yourself tempted by a cheap roofing estimate, research the brands listed on the estimate. Don’t be surprised if you don’t like what you find.

Unfortunately, a low bid can also be an indication that a contractor should not be trusted. Some dishonest contractors will promise a quality roof using top-notch materials with no intentions of delivering it. They know that it’s difficult for most property owners to keep a close eye on their roofs, and they take advantage of that fact by swapping cheap shingles for the trusted brand their client expects, utilizing thinner underlayment or reusing old flashings. Any of these sneaky tricks can compromise a roof. Unethical roofing contractors have also been known to use low estimates to lure customers in. Once the work begins, they “discover” that additional services are necessary that were not included in the estimate. This new work inevitably sends the roof’s price soaring.

The Real Cost of a Cheap Roof

Sadly, it can be difficult to calculate the real cost of a cheap roof. Inferior materials and shoddy workmanship often result in a roof that is less aesthetically pleasing and more likely to fail, which can set the stage for costly property damage and negatively impact your property’s value. The combination can also void manufacturers’ warranties, leaving property owners holding the bag if an issue does arise.

How to Protect Yourself

When choosing an Orlando roofing contractor, protect yourself and your property by doing your homework. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ask questions, compare estimates carefully, verify credentials and request references. Generally, it’s best to hire an established roofing contractor with a reputation for quality.

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