Common Causes of Residential Roofing Problems

Your roof is an essential part of your house, and proper upkeep can help it last as long as possible. Keeping an eye out for potential residential roofing problems can help you make small fixes as they’re needed and avoid the hassle and expense of a full roof repair. Roof leak problems are just some of the many issues that can affect your roof’s integrity.

Roof Leaks
A leaking roof is one of the worst roofing problems to experience. Apart from the hassle of placing pots and pans around your home to catch water, leaks can have potentially serious effects, including water damage to the structure of your home. Roof leaks are more likely if you have an older roof. In addition, the weather in Florida, including high humidity and plenty of sunlight, can impact your roof’s integrity and increase its chance of leaking.

Pest Infestations
Your roof could be a potentially inviting home for local critters, including bats and squirrels. Small holes can provide enough cover for critters to build nests. In severe cases, these pests can cause damage and even get into your home, causing all kinds of terror.

Ponding Water
If water begins to collect on your roof, the roof may begin to weaken. Ponding water can be caused by a number of problems, including debris buildup in your gutters or on the roof itself. Improper installation can also allow water to pool on your roof.

Roof Maintenance
Although your roof is built to last for many years, maintenance is a necessary chore to ensure longevity. Finding minor problems in your roof before they develop further can save you the cost and hassle of a full roof replacement. Roof maintenance includes a thorough inspection by a trained professional who can help identify problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Roof Installation Errors
Errors made during the roof’s installation can cause issues down the road. For example, improper nailing can damage shingles. Improper nailing can be due to any number of mistakes, such as hammering the nails too hard or placing the nails inaccurately. The sooner you schedule a roof maintenance visit, the sooner this can be revealed.

Trees and Other Obstructions
Trees that hang over your roof can cause a number of issues; during a windstorm, for example, a branch may break and drop onto your roof. Contact an arborist in your area to help you keep your roof safe from neighboring trees. Drooping power lines that are on your roof can be a safety hazard, especially if you need to get up on the roof.

Improper Roof Flashing around Roof Features
Features on your roof, such as a chimneys and skylights, need to be specially sealed with roof flashing to keep out moisture. If the flashing was installed improperly, they will decay more quickly an allow water to get into your roof and home.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. At Mid-Florida Roofing, we’ve been taking care of roofs in the Orlando area since 1999. If you would like to sleep a little easier knowing that your roof is in good shape, please call us at 407-830-8554 or fill out our free 10-point roof inspection. Be proactive in protecting your investment.  Schedule a free roofing inspection today.

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