FAQs When Interviewing Orlando Roofing Companies

A damaged roof can lead to massive problems for your home or business. However, shopping around for Orlando roofing companies requires a little more effort than picking the first one you find online. Florida has a bad reputation for here-today-gone-tomorrow roofing contractors.  Protecting yourself and your new roofing investment is important.

Here is a list of questions as you contact these orlando roofing companies.  It’s important to ask each potential roofing contractor these questions to ensure you find the right roofing company.

1. Are You a Licensed Roofing Company?
Some states require companies to hold licenses to provide certain services to protect the consumer. Choosing a licensed roofing company ensures that you won’t run afoul of any laws.  It also ensures that the roofing company has met certain expectations from the state. In Florida, a license requires the company’s contractors to sit for exams and maintain liability insurance.

2. Do You Have References?
Checking out references for a roofing company can help you learn more about the quality of the company, including how well they stick to their schedule and cost estimates.  You can do this one of three ways:

  • Make sure to ask the roofing company for current references.
  • You can also look online for reviews from previous roofing customers.
  • Ask for addresses of their work. Seeing the company’s work with your own eyes can also help you make the right decision about the business

3. What Type of Warranty Do You Offer on the Roofing Materials?
A roof warranty covers your roof if it fails prematurely. Discussing the roofing warranty for the products used by each potential company can protect your home’s investment. If possible, get a copy of each warranty so that you can gather more information about its duration and the limitations of its protection. All of this should be discussed up front before any work is done.

4. What Insurance Do You Carry?
Insurance is an essential part of any reputable residential or commercial roofing company. If an accident occurs while the roofers are working on your property, insurance can help pay for the damages to your property. Insurance will also take care of any liability you might otherwise endure if a worker is injured while working. Simply asking the roofing company if they have insurance isn’t enough; you should ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate before signing a contract.

5. What Payment Options Are Available?
A reputable commercial or residential roofing company won’t ask for the full payment for the job upfront; they probably won’t ask for payment in cash either. Instead, look for a roofing company that asks for payment at fixed points during the project and allows you to pay with a credit card or a check.

6. How Long Have You Been in Business?
Hiring an established roofing company is one way to ensure that you’ve picked a reputable company. Talk to the contractor about the history of their business, including when they were first established. Ask if the name of the company has changed since its inception. You can also ask for information about any memberships or affiliations the company maintains in the industry. Be sure to verify this information in public records.

Remember, not all Orlando roofing companies will be able to answer these questions.  Don’t forget to do your own research as you follow up on these questions.

If your roof is in need of repairs or a full replacement, seeking out a reputable Orlando roofing company will ensure that the work is done promptly and with quality materials. Since 1999, Mid Florida Roofing stands out about all other Orlando roofing companies.  We have served the roofing needs of both homeowners and commercial property owners in the Orlando area. Contact us today at 407-830-8554 to ask about our company’s long history and our extensive roofing services.  We look forward to serving you.

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