Five Roof Maintenance Tips For Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Your home is your most valuable asset in terms of both monetary value and its use as a place of shelter and comfort for your entire family. Unfortunately, its value can be drastically reduced on both fronts if the roof begins to leak and is left to deteriorate. Whether your home is huge and luxurious or tiny and comfortable, it’s only as good as its roof.  Therefore, we’ve put together a few great roof maintenance tips that will help prevent leaks and keep your roof in great condition.

1. Pay Attention to All Roof Leaks
You may be tempted to ignore a small leak in your roof, but those tiny leaks can turn into big problems fast. Even small roof leaks lead to water damage that can compromise the health of your roof and eventually require a costly repair. Have any roof leak professionally repaired the moment that you notice it because it will be easier and less expensive to fix while it’s still small and isolated.

2. Keep Your Roof Clean and Clear
When the wind picks up, your roof may become littered with debris that include sticks, small limbs and leaves. This debris may damage your roof with their sheer weight or cause algae to grow or rot to set in. While your first thought may be to clean your roof with a power wash, that can actually cause more damage. Instead, you should use a leaf rake that is designed for roofs or a leaf blower to remove the debris.

3. Keep Wild Animals Out
Nature enthusiasts often put out food to attract such wild creatures as raccoons and squirrels to their yard. They are adorable and fun to watch, but it can be a problem for your roof when they decide to take up residence in your attic. These animals may chew holes in your roof to get in and continue to cause damage once they’ve moved in. Likely entrance points are where the dormers meet roofs or where roof shingles overhang fascia boards.

4. Clean Those Gutters
If your gutters are so full that they’ve begun to sag and break, then your roof could be in trouble. Keeping your gutters clean is an important part of regular roof maintenance.  Try to clean your gutters at least once a year.  If unsure if your gutters need to be cleaned, the next time we have a downpour, go outside and see if there is cascading water down the side of your home.  If so, then it’s time.  Of course, wait until after the rain stops.  By keeping your gutters clean, it will keep damaging moisture from settling on your roof.

5. Do Your Own Roof Inspection
While you can’t be expected to do a professional inspection on your own, you may be able to spot the need for roof repairs and maintenance with a simple visual check. Look for such issues as missing or compromised shingles, the presence of fungus and damage to the flashing.   If you notice any of these issues, call in a professional roofing company.  Mid Florida Roofing offers a free 10-point roof inspection.

Quality Roof Care Available
Mid Florida Roofing is available to take care of the roof repairs and maintenance needs of both residential homes and commercial buildings in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas. If you have any concerns about your roof, then we’d be happy to provide you with a completely free roof inspection. Just contact us here at 407-830-8554, and we’ll send one of our friendly, professional technicians right out to your property.

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