Protect Yourself When Requesting a Roofing Estimate

At first glance, shopping for apples and requesting a roofing estimate seem to have nothing in common, but these two activities aren’t as different as you might think. After all, when you’re perusing the fresh fruit, you know that you’re liable to encounter the occasional rotten apple. It doesn’t stop you from buying delicious fresh fruit because you’ve learned what to avoid. Finding a reliable roofer requires a similar mindset. Protect yourself when requesting a roofing estimate by watching out for these red flags.

1. The Door-to-Door Salesman
If someone knocks on your door offering a free roof estimate or inspection, be wary. Reliable roofers stay busy with work they’ve gained from referrals, so they aren’t likely to be wasting time with unsolicited pitches. Some of these salesmen work for shady roofing companies that will report nonexistent damage. Worse, they might cause damage during their inspection. If you think that your roof needs work, you make the call and contact a reputable roofer.

2. The Low-Ball Estimate
Everyone loves a sale, and some unscrupulous roofers will take advantage of this by initially presenting an enticingly low roofing estimate. Then, work or materials not included in the quote will send the cost soaring before the job is done. How do you protect yourself? Get quotes from multiple roofers. If one seems too good to be true, recognize that it probably is and pick another roofer.

3. The High-Pressure Pitch
Getting a roofing estimate isn’t a matter of life and death. Reliable roofers don’t mind giving you time to think and get other estimates because they’re confident in the value of their services. If a roofer hits you with a high-pressure sales pitch and demands instant acceptance, it’s a sign that you need to take extra time to be sure that you’re really getting a good deal.

4. The Deposit Fixation
If a roofer seems exceedingly interested in getting their hands on a deposit, be concerned. If they insist they need a hefty deposit to start the job, be very concerned. Many roofers do require a minimal deposit to secure their services, but a reputable roofing company won’t actually need money from you to buy materials. If roofers insist on a sizeable deposit, they may be poor business people or scammers who hope to take your money and run. Either way, you’re probably better off finding another roofer.

5. Storm Chaser Roofers
When a severe storm leaves chaos and damage in its wake, roving roofers will swarm the area and offer homeowners a fast fix. While they may be able to start work quickly, it’s tough to verify the quality of their work. What happens if it’s subpar? Will you get a refund or a repair? It’s unlikely because these storm chaser roofers will have already left town. An established local roofer has a stake in the community and a reputation to maintain, so they are much more likely to stand behind their work.

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