Roof Repairs Aren’t Meant to Last Forever

The roof of your house or business is designed to last for years, but some situations may call for repairs, such as damage from a storm. Roof repairs are a good option as a stopgap measure or for an isolated problem, but property owners shouldn’t expect a repair to prevent the need for an eventual roof replacement. In many cases, roof repairs only delay the inevitable.

Why Do Homeowners and Business Owners Seek Repairs?
Property owners seek roof repairs for a number of reasons. Not all roof problems require a full replacement. Storm damage, for example, may cause a small issue that can be fixed by a roofing company, and storm damage doesn’t necessarily indicate a systemic problem with a roof. On paper, repairs are generally far less expensive than a full replacement. If money is tight or the owner doesn’t realize the extent of the issue, repairs usually seem like a good idea. Handy individuals may also feel that they can take care of repairs themselves in order to save even more money. However, roof repairs should never substitute for a roof replacement.

Repairs Are Not Permanent
It’s important for owners to realize that many roof repair jobs are temporary fixes that won’t last as long as if the roof didn’t need the repairs to begin with.  Using roof flashing to seal up a small leak, for example, may seem like an easy roof repair. Roof leak problems, however, are often indicative of a more serious problem, especially if the leaks recur. Repairs should be thought of as a temporary fix until you have the money lined up for a new roof.

Repairs Can Backfire
Property owners who attempt to do their own roof repair may underestimate the severity of the problem. Most owners are not roofing experts and may attempt to fix something that is beyond their skill level. For example, unskilled roofers may rip up unnecessary portions of the roof while attempting to get to the problem area. Patching up the problem with the wrong materials can weaken the structural integrity of the roof, and improperly replaced shingles can invite future problems down the road.

Delaying Can Lead to Extra Expense
Relying on temporary roof fixes can lead to further expenses. This is especially true if the owner attempts the repairs on their own and inadvertently causes further damage to the roof. Repaired roofs may give property owners a false sense of security, leading to massive losses when a major storm blows through and the repaired roof fails.

Mid Florida Roofing has been serving property owners in the Orlando area for years. If you’re concerned about an issue with your roof, contact us today for help. We can help you determine if a roof repair or a replacement is the right option for your property.  Sign up for your 10-point roof inspection.  We can help you determine if previous repairs were done adequately as well as how much for life your current roof will have.

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