Top Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Company Before Hiring Them

A failing roof over your business can mean financial disaster if you don’t repair it quickly. Shopping around for a qualified commercial roofing contractor can ensure that you find someone who will get the job done efficiently and properly. As you continue your search, keep in mind a few important questions to ask each contractor so that you can separate an outstanding company from the rest.

What is Your Company’s History?
The history of a commercial roofing company can tell you important information about the longevity and success of the company. Although a new company isn’t necessarily a bad choice, you can feel more confident when choosing a company with a dedicated customer base and a long history in your local area. With an established company, you can also feel confident that the warranty for the work will last and you’ll have a contractor that you can depend on for maintenance. While discussing the contractor’s history, you should also ask about the company’s license to ensure that you’re dealing with a credible roofing team.

How Long Will the Roof Project Take?
A leaky roof can’t wait for a roofing contractor’s workload to ease; if you have a severe issue with your roof, you’ll need to get it fixed immediately. Even if a contractor has a light workload, it’s still a good idea to get some information about a potential timeline, including a prospective start date and when the contractor expects to finish the project. Asking about the number of workers employed at the company is also a smart idea. If the contractor relies on subcontractors to get work done, delays may crop up depending on their workload.

Do You Have Professional Affiliations?
Trade groups and other professional affiliations aren’t open to every roofing company; a company must work hard to earn membership in these programs. Belonging to these groups helps companies stay up to date on the latest technology advances, safety concerns and other important issues. Some roofing contractors also work with roofing material brands to become preferred contractors for those materials. This requires the commercial roofing company to meet specific quality guidelines set by the materials company.

Do You Have References?
Asking about a company’s previous work is a good way to learn more about their roofing practices and quality level. If the company is willing to hand you a list of previous customers, you can call a few of them to ask about their satisfaction with the quality of the roofing project. You’ll want to ask each customer a few basic questions, such as whether they had any complaints with the completed work and whether the contractor was habitually punctual.

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