Top Signs of New Roof Installation Problems

You’ve had a new roof installed, but you aren’t impressed. In fact, you’re worried. Do you really have cause for concern? Unfortunately, Florida seems to have more than its fair share of crooked contractors, and new roof problems are not an impossibility. If you suspect that your new roof isn’t up to the important task of protecting your commercial or residential property, grab a pair of binoculars or a digital camera and take a closer look at your roof.  Here are the tell-tale signs of new roof installation problems.  Some are visible with the naked eye.

Gutter Goofs
Gutters aren’t decorations. They are a vital part of your roof system that directs water into downspouts so that it can be safely diverted from your building. If your gutters are loose or improperly installed, you may find yourself dealing with problems at both the top and bottom of your building. Loose gutters can be an indication of roof installation problems, so you’ll need to worry about a leaking roof, and poor drainage due to damaged gutters can set the stage for water damage at your foundation.

Faulty Flashing
Installed around vulnerable areas like roof joints, vents, dormers and chimneys, flashing helps to protect the integrity of your roof by preventing roof leaks. If it is omitted or installed incorrectly, then water can get in and cause lots of damage. In fact, the majority of premature leaks happen at flashing points.

Nonsensical Nailing
Proper nailing is critical during a roof installation, and there are many ways for things to go wrong. Nails that are driven in too far will cause visible depressions and can actually puncture the shingle and cause leaks. Nails that are not driven in far enough will stick up above the shingle and may not hold it securely in place. Problems can also occur with improperly placed nails, the use of the wrong nails or the installation of too few nails.  Luckily, you can see this with the naked eye.

Shingling Slipups
Are your new shingles loose or sliding off the roof? Can you spot a bare patch where there are no shingles? Is there an area where your shingles are buckled? If shingles are not placed and installed correctly, water will be able to seep past them to cause damage, so shingling slipups on a new roof are a major warning sign of a substandard roof installation. In fact, shingles that don’t stay put are often an indication that the entire roof was improperly installed.

In many cases, the crooked or inexperienced roofing contractors who install substandard roofs vanish, so trying to get them to correct the situation is impossible.

What should you do if you need a new roof installation repair?

If you suspect that your new roof isn’t reliable, contact a reputable company with a history of serving Florida residents. It’s never too early to have a 10-point roof inspection.

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