What Type of Roof Material Is Best for Your Home?

When you’ve had enough Florida sunshine, it’s time to head for the house. You don’t sit outside in the pouring rain, and you know the dangers of high winds. The roofing materials over your head handle our weather 24/7 through sizzling summer days and stormy hurricane nights. The system has to be tough, but what kind of roof shingles are best for your home?

This is one of most common questions we receive when homeowners call us to look at their roofs.  Therefore, we put this article together for you.  Hopefully, it will help you understand the differences between the different roofing materials.

Affordable Asphalt Shingles

traditional shingles

One of the most popular choices for residential rooftops is asphalt shingles. They have earned their dependable reputation with rugged flexibility. Manufactured from felt paper waterproofed with asphalt, the shingles are protected by an extra layer of asphalt coating embedded with ceramic granules. The material’s performance holds up for an average of 15 years, and its low cost keeps it high on the list of homeowner favorites. Asphalt shingles don’t require special installation or additional structural support on roof replacement jobs. If you want a wide variety of exterior decorating options, these shingles offer styles and colors that complement every home’s good looks.

Durable Fiberglass also known as Traditional Asphalt Shingles

The composition of fiberglass shingles improves on traditional asphalt making them an excellent choice for Florida roofs. Manufactured with a base mat of woven fiberglass, the shingles are coated with a waterproof asphalt covering and finished with ceramic granules. The result is a lightweight material that blocks UV rays and stands up to heavy rain. Often, fiberglass shingles earn Energy Star ratings because they help keep the house cooler and hold down monthly cooling costs. Their 25-year life span and high fire classification ratings combine to make fiberglass shingles a great option for your home’s roof.

Tough Laminates also known as Architectural Shingles

Architectural ShinglesThicker construction doesn’t add weight to these shingles, but their tough composition extends roof life up to 50 years. Laminated shingles are manufactured with additional asphalt, fiberglass and protective granules that greatly improve their ability to protect your home from searing heat and torrential downpours. Laminated shingles are impact resistant and withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour, so they can handle hurricane season. The lightweight material is easy to work with, and that helps control installation and roof repair costs. Laminates also offer aesthetic design options that complement your home’s architectural style and improve important curb appeal.

Classic Roof Tiles

tile roof specialistIf you’re going to reroof the house, keep clay tile at the top of your list. The material’s natural insulating quality helps control cooling costs and provides a barrier against outside noise pollution. Clay tiles hold up through the stormiest weather with shape and weight that give them superior wind resistance. This beautiful roofing material graces historic homes and buildings across the state, and that stands as testament to its remarkable durability. Clay tiles easily last for 100 years or more because they never rot, mold, shrink or buckle. This classic is a favorite for Florida homes, and it stands the test of both weather and time. See more information about Roof Tiles

If you’d like more information about choosing the best roofing materials for your home, contact Mid Florida Roofing. We’re always happy to explain your options, and our estimates are free. As the state’s leading residential and commercial roofing contractor, we’re proud to put more than 15 years of industry experience at your service, so give us a call today.

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