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Signs It’s Time To Get A Roof Inspection In Florida

No one likes to think about roof repair and replacement, especially in Central Florida, where our homes are regularly exposed to extreme heat, humidity, and hurricane season. Without inspection and maintenance on a regular basis, it’s easy for roofs to quickly deteriorate. This is why at Mid Florida Roofing, our staff offers services such as roof inspections and installation of high-quality roofing material. 

So how do you know when it’s time to get a roof inspection? Our team of specialists shares their expertise with these tips below. These are just a few examples of warning signs to watch out for. 

Missing Or Broken Shingles 

Even if you’re only missing a few shingles, this is a big indicator that something is wrong with your roof. Not only that, when shingles begin to fall off, your home is at risk for future weather damage like rain, hurricanes, and sun exposure. With fewer tiles, there is not much you can do to protect yourself against the elements and leakage. 

Damaged shingles can be dry or cracked. Evidence of wear and tear can appear discolored or dark or have significantly faded in comparison to the other shingles. When you look closer, some shingles may also have a distorted appearance. It’s best to get a roof inspection if you see this issue, otherwise, those broken shingles could fly off your roof and cause injury when facing a storm. 

In Florida, you especially need to watch out for patchy shingles, which means that vegetation could be growing up there. This means algae, plants, mold, or fungi that spread with water and sunlight. It not only looks bad but can spread when left untreated. Vegetation can also be a big factor in future missing or broken shingles. 

Evidence Inside The Home

If you have any discolored stains on the ceiling in your house, this an obvious sign of roof damage. Those with an attic should also climb up there to see if there are any stains on the underside of the roof. You may see mold, leakage, or other patchy and discolored areas in the house that require your attention. For this reason, we suggest taking a walk around the interior of your home to see if there’s anything you may be missing. 

Some homeowners may try a “band-aid” approach to ward off future repairs, but these fixes don’t last long. If the foundation is not addressed, this could lead to some major issues in the future. When left untreated, the roof will begin to buckle and give way to the pressure. In this case, we strongly suggest that you get a roof inspection in Florida before the damage becomes more extensive and costly. 

Contact Mid Florida Roofing 

Whether your current roof is showing signs of damage or is simply old, it’s very possible you need an inspection. Mid Florida Roofing is made up of trusted and skilled professionals who are committed to excellence. Reach out to us to get your roof inspected and take advantage of our award-winning service in Central Florida. 

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